Why Superheroes Matter

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Although it is not the purpose of this article to delve into large details about the ins and outs of the overall comic book industry, it is important to note how the industry has changed over time. Like the Greek Mythology of old, the Superheroes and the storytelling of the comic book has striking similarities concerning the telling and re-telling of the stories, and the changing of the technology which has allowed the development of the mythic story and increase of the spread of the modern mythology to more people.

So what are comic books? What is modern mythology? What does the superhero have to do with this?

Just as Folktales, fairy tales, and the ancient myths of the world say something about the culture where they come from, comics and superheroes says something unique about the American culture and present new unique mythology for the culture of our time. Although since their inception, comics and superheroes are no longer an American art form or method of storytelling, the invention of these things says a lot about the culture and the attitude of the culture of the American society.

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