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The definition of Mythology
Mythology refers to a collection of myths that all together create the basis for a mythological system. With this definition, we can then speak of the various mythological cultures such as ‘Greek Mythology’, ‘Egyptian Mythology’,  ‘Indian Mythology’, etc. This allows us to describe a series of myths that have existed within a certain period of time within human history. It is also possible to also group the myths geographically and speak of them in the sense of ‘Oriental  Mythology’, ‘African Mythology’, etc.

Concerning Greek Mythology
As with other ancient cultures, Greek Mythology was used to describe the natural world which the Greek society lived. Humankind created myths and connected it to their polytheist religion and explained the origin of the gods, humanity, the passing of the seasons, and how to live a happy life. The myths were important in the re-telling of historical events so that people could maintain contact with their ancestors, the wars they fought, and the places they explored [Cartwright].

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