Why Superheroes Matter

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We today are no different than the Greeks of old. Only today we have a variety of methods that help us make sense of the real world such as science, history, psychology, philosophy, and many more. We also have our stories. Our modern gods. Our Superheroes. It is through the pages of the comic book and graphic novel that we can learn lots about ourselves and our place in the universe through the varied stories and heroes that have been told since its invention. We must not forget our roots as a society of people who use language and imagination to help describe the world we live in and reflect upon it. 

The Superheroes of DC or Marvel lore are as fallible, as self-doubting, and as deeply flawed as you and I. Just like the Greek Gods and Heroes. This has helped root Our Gods within the real world, helped tell their story with context,  and allows us to share in their personal journey of growth as an extension of our own.

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