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In Summary

Myth, when used in the context of speech, discourse, fable, or even legend, it’s not hard to imagine the stories of old, of the Gods and the Heroes which they are based on, no matter what part of the world one comes from. Myths, and their collection, detailing a Mythology, can be easily be remembered as stories of the past. However, those stories of the past were once stories of the present. There were based at one time on trying to make sense of the world where people lived. They told these stories verbally to begin with until they had the means to write prose for a permanent written record. From there as technology increased, they put their stories on pottery, buildings, and eventually performed theatre, retelling the stories over and over. The Greeks did this to make sense of their world. They told their myths because they had no other means to describe the world which they lived, and it helped them make sense of their past, remember their ancestors, and the places they visited.

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