Why Superheroes Matter

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But what if our society became obsolete? If our society was to fall to ashes. Would these stories survive? And if they did, what would it say about us? 

What does this say about us?
For the most part, one of the reasons why we like hero stories, singular or multiple, is that we can see that hero as an extension of ourselves. We see the story from that heroes perspective, learns things as they learn them. We can identify with them. Not that we want to be truly heroic, but because we can relate on an emotional level and that in turn draws us deeper into what is perceived as a shared cause. When our hero feels happy, so do we; when our hero feels loss, we are right beside them feeling the pain they do. This is the journey of the Monomyth—the Hero’s Journey. It’s not about getting from A to B, but rather the changes that occur to the hero along the way.

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