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A Look into the Popularity of Modern Comic Book Mythology

When we hear the term myth, mythos, or mythology, most people immediately think of the Greek or Roman Gods and of the Heroes from thousands of years ago (unless of course one is from a differing part of the world with a more relevant mythological background such as the Maori, Chinese, Indian, etc.). One can imagine Zeus throwing lightning bolts, or Perseus fighting Medusa, Aphrodite radiating love and beauty, or Poseidon waiting to drown a boat with all their crew members because of the lack of a good offering to the god of the sea. These are the gods who demand to be worshiped, and Heroes wanting to be admired for their bravery and sacrifice. However, we hardly think of mythology that is closer to home, one of more modern time. There are lots to choose from such as fables, fairytales, Harry Potter, Star Wars, but what of those that are closer to real-life and the events of today? Ones that reflect more of what happens in the world today. Ones who’s heroes are created, built, or born with abilities, who are deeply flawed characters, socially aware, and has wants and needs just like you?

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