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More so, Wojtyla makes a strong point of taking advantage of using every and all of the school’s services, studio space, and equipment that is made available to one as a student. It is an advantage to do so when you are trying to learn new skills through experimentation and producing the work that will obtain the grades that the student is working hard to achieve. It is up to the student to make sure that they take advantage of everything that is at their fingertips, as well as ask any and all instructors questions that will help one to expand their knowledge. 

One of my most favourite parts of the book is Wojtyla’s “How to Bullshit”  which comes with a complete three-column word/sentence generator that is presented when one’s mind is too tired to think clearly. It is a great piece of humour that sits within the book that brings an “ideologically doubtful sensibility” to the student while reminding them that their success depends on the effort that they bring to the table.

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