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The 166-page gold foil embossed book is a relatively easy read and contains some lighthearted humour, yet astute tone, that is carefully woven into a subject that art students should take very seriously. The most important theme, is also the title of the book, obtaining good grades. The author is careful to state and reiterates their point: that achieving good letter grades are based on one’s work ethic and the ability to give the instructor exactly what they have asked for when it comes to the various work that is assigned. Wojtyla makes the reader aware of what today’s modern art schools are run more like businesses, and that it is up to the student to take advantage of the financial investment that they are making to attend. The student isn’t attending school to compete with their fellow students, but rather attending to compete against the quality of the instructor’s art skills and capabilities. In other words, one doesn’t need to impress their peers; but instead needs to do everything they can to impress the instructor by delivering exactly what the instructor is wanting the student to deliver, then exceed that expectation. That is how you get an A+ in art school.

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