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Novak’s background in shooting music videos was paramount to the look and feel of Hard Core Logo. His previous experience was a huge help, especially shooting live on a stage. “You had to know the songs and learn to shoot with your ears open,” says Novak, “so that you know when to pull the camera to the singer or someone else for emphasis.” Novak lived it personally, and stated that he was comfortable and “felt at home” during the filming of Hard Core Logo. This was due in part to his years of being on stage as the singer and filming music videos for other local Vancouver bands.

Danny Novak was a pleasure to listen to during the Forum Talk and it was interesting to see how his life long influences have allowed him to influence others over his career as a singer in his very own punk band, and as a cinematographer for movies that I’ve seen, especially “Hard Core Logo”, “the Big Hit”, “Romeo Must Die”, as well as serial TV such as “Nikita”, “Twitch City”, and “the Outer Limits”. The Intersection of Punk and Cinematography had influenced Novak in ways that he would have never guessed as a young man. As an adult, the projects that he was involved in the creative development has inspired later generations with the images and words he was behind. Danny Novak is classic punk, both with inspirational visuals from his years as a cinematographer, and that of someone who was wanting to talk/sing about the socio-political issues of his youth. His talk was fascinating and inspirational.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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