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Hard Core Logo was shot over 18 days in November 1995, and was based on the book by Micheal Turner. Bruce MacDonald was the Director, and Novak remembers being very insistent on being part of the project, even though MacDonald already had someone for the job of Cinematographer. To Novak’s delight, that individual was not able to take part in the production and he received a call from MacDonald asking if he was still interested in the film.

“Hard Core Logo was a great intersection of my film career and my music background.” — Danny Novak.

Novak believed that he was the guy meant to shoot the film and that everything in his life up to this point was preparing him for the 18 day shoot of this iconic Canadian film.

It was not about the band, but about three people who come together to make a movie about a band: Bruce, the director; Danny, the Cameraman; and Joe, the Sound-man. You hardly see any of these characters, but when you do, it reminds the audience that it is a movie within a movie. The Hard Core Logo was purposefully made to look rough and also like a documentary. The band in question is a former punk band that broke up during their peak, and has recently reformed to go on a short tour starting in Vancouver, British Columbia, and ending in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The film follows what takes place on the long trips between cities while on tour. This movie had a striking parallel with Novak’s band, the Spores.

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