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Danny Novak is one exemplum of how the evolution of Mass Culture over the previous decades has allowed him to use popular music, technology, industry, and socio-political context, to carve out a unique career in the entertainment industry and successfully influenced others of his, and subsequent generations, with his unique take on the narrative of popular culture and effect it has on our modern society.

“1, 2, 3, 4…!” — Danny Novak.

Having grown up with a Hi-8 camera in hand during his teens, Danny had created over twelve short horror films in high school. At the tender age of 18, he won an award for a two minute short film which caught the attention of a judge who worked as a Professor of Film at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Due to his ability with making films, he was started straight into second year film school at SFU in 1978, where he learned to hone his skills through further development and classes in history of cinema. It was during this period in university where he met many different people with a variety of viewpoints that allowed him to explore politics, extreme art, and opened his mind to questioning authority. This all happened under the auspices of the exploding Punk Rock movement taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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